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Free utilities for ArcView Users offers numerous ArcView extensions from a number of different software developers. Each of them is available for a FREE download.

Trial Period: Some of these extensions will only function for a specified period of time called the Trial Period. If you wish to utilize them after that, you may purchase a license for as many computers as you wish.

Product Key: The software that you purchase is the same as that which you download for a free trial, hence no surprises. What you purchase from is a Product Key that will remove the Trial Period restriction for your computer.

Site Code: The Product Key is dependent upon a Site Code which will differ for different computers. To provide you with the appropriate Product Key, we must know the Site Code for the computer on which you wish to run the software.

With most of our products, you will see a registration screen whenever you run the software. It will tell you how long until your trial period is over, and will also tell you what the Site Code is. Until the Trial Period is over, you can run the software by clicking the Run In Demo Mode button. After that time, you must obtain a Product Key, enter it into the registration screen and click the Register button. Once you have provided the Product Key, you will no longer see the registration screen when you run the software.

With other products, the Site Code is the ArcView license number which is the ProductId found in ArcView by clicking Help > About. The Product Key needs to be provided to these extensions through the extension registration process.

Software Migration: If you purchase a new computer, or need to reformat your hard drive, the extensions that are tied to the site code, will probably need a new product key. You can obtain this by clicking Your Account on the bar along the bottom. This will provide you, amongst other things, with a list of your orders with Clicking the order will take you to the receipt page and continuing from that page will take you to the Product Key page. Each Product Key you have previously obtained will be shown and you will have the option to Modify it.

Your new product key may be provided instantly. Alternately, you will be contacted within one business day.

If you have any questions about product keys and site codes, please contact us.
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