Legend Limiter for ArcGIS
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The Legend Limiter Plug-in for ArcGIS is a powerful tool that automatically limits the symbols displayed in a categorised legend to just those found within the map’s visible extent.
  • The Legend Limiter Toolbar should automatically display the first time ArcMap is opened after installation. To display the toolbar, right click anywhere in the ArcMap toolbar area to pop up a list of available toolbars. Tick the checkbox next to the “Legend Limiter” item. You can re-position the toolbar anywhere within the toolbar areas or have it floating on top of your map.
  • Legend Limiter On/Off Checkbox The Legend Limiter has an on state (checked) and an off state (unchecked). The state is toggled by clicking on the Legend Limiter On/Off Checkbox.
    • When checked on, the Legend Limiter works to dynamically limit all categorised legends every time the map extent changes.
    • When checked off, the complete set of legend symbols are fully restored.
  • Switch Legend Limiter off before saving…
    If you save the map document (MXD) whilst the Legend Limiter is on, you will be saving only the limited legend symbols. Next time you open your map document it won't be able to recover the complete set of legend symbols.
  • Always switch Legend Limiter off before editing symbology…
    With the Legend Limiter switched on any symbology changes will not be persisted the next time the map extent changes. This is because the limited symbol set is always obtained from the initial and complete set of symbols obtained when the Legend Limiter was switched on. When making changes to the symbology, switch the legend limiter off, make the changes, then switch the legend limiter back on again.
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What Others Thought

We find the limiter very useful. However, could you limit the legend to items only visable in the current extent, not only data within the geographic extent of the current display but also those satisfying the definition queries on the feature classes.
Robert Seed, Senior geologist, Sons of Gwalia

Remove the splash
Bernie Neary, Senior GIS, Gartner Lee

Performance acceptable, splash screen unacceptable
Dan Grim, GIS Specialist, Rockbridge County

Works OK on multiple legends; a little trouble with pre-existing projects.
Will Lentz, GIS Specialist, ABR Inc.

This utility does just what I had hoped, but the splash screen is such a waste of time that I've uninstalled Legend Limiter to use only when it's badly needed.
Kathryn Scott

Tool works fine, but the use of the SPLASH SCREEN is not cool!
Kirk Hayer, GIS Administrator, City of Commerce City

Needed to limit legend to parcel selection (soil Layer). Legend Limiter works great! I am very happy with the software and have passed along the link to your webpage to my coworkers. Thankyou!
Jennifer Olson, GIS, geology

Legend Limiter has worked fine for me, and I really like this handy little tool.

Legend Limiter is a very useful tool and appears to have no bugs. However, the splash screen that appears at ArcGIS startup is annoying and not terribly professional looking.
Mark Faulkner
 Download the free utility Legend Limiter for ArcGIS
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